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Soul Center

Healing Hypnosis

with Tomaz Mueller

In this profound 3.5 hour healing session, I will combine S.C.H.H.® created by Laura Whitworth and my “5-Body-Alchemy-Healing Methodto facilitate a powerful transformation in your life. This modality works extremely well in the online space. The session combines the following:

Low Density Energy Clearing and Entity Removal

Energy Rebuilds and Repair

Past life Regression and Soul Travel

Higher Self Connection

Quantum Frequency Healing (Gold Package Only)

What can you expect during the 3.5 hour session?

Pre-Session Chat - 1 hr

The first hour involves talking through the forms you need to complete and discussing the your requirements and hopes for the session.

Hypnosis - 2 hrs

- Progressive Relaxation Of the Body -

We begin by progressively relaxing the body so you will be able to successfully enter the Theta Brainwave state.

- Relaxation Of The Mind -

We relax the Mind so you drift more effortlessly into a Theta State.

Entity Release, Energetic Body Rebuild & Trauma Release - 1 hr

We will check for any Entities or Energy attachments to remove them with the assistance of the Archangels and our healing teams.

If your Chakras have been impacted by the Entity, we will rebuild the Chakras with Archangels, Healing teams, and Frequency to ensure that your Aura is resealed so no new Entities can attach.

If you have any suppressed Trauma from this lifetime that needs transmuting before we go into a Past Life discovery, this will be done in this section.

Past Life Regression & Multi-Dimensional Soul Travel

We will regress you into a Past Life or another part of your Multi-Dimensional Self. The Higher Self will naturally guide you to the most pertinent lifetime that you need to see in order to bring you greater Clarity in the present lifetime.

Higher Self questions & Healing

Once the Past Life discovery is complete, we will bring forth your Higher Self in order to ask your questions and provide any healing that the Higher Self deems necessary.

Mantra Coil Frequency Healing (Gold Package Only)

Throughout your session, Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) frequencies will be beamed into your Quantum Mechanical Body through a Mantra Coil. These frequencies mimic natural energy fields and assist in clearing any blocks in your physical and subtler bodies, encouraging self-repair, healing, protection, and rejuvenation for your continued journey of expansion and wellbeing. Your photograph will be placed on the Mantra Coil and the frequencies will continue to be beamed to you to enhance the healing process for 24hrs after your session.

The Mantra Coil is created in the form of a Yantra, representing the sacred geometry of the universal essence of divinity. It is a 7 layered, 14-pointed star made of copper which represents the spiral of life, reflected in the cosmos and within our bodies.

7 Rubies and 7 Blue Sapphires are integrated into the technology to amplify the healing properties of the frequencies and the precious gemstones themselves.

How will this healing modality help you?

You may have Trauma from this lifetime that needs work before progressing into past/parallel or multi-dimensional life discovery. Or you may have Entity or Energetic attachments that have made their way in through fractures or cracks in your Aura, due to emotional or physical trauma at any point in your life.

Attachments usually do not allow you to progress successfully into the Theta Brainwave state of deep meditation. Therefore you need Entity and Energy attachments removed, your energy centers re-built and your Aura re-sealed before we can progress with your healing session.

Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (S.C.H.H.) Technique ensures that any Traumas and Entities are dealt with and any Energetic Adjustments are made prior to us embarking on the Past Life discovery or the Higher Self Questions.

Do you feel there are negative energies or entities attached to you that are preventing you from accessing your fullest potential and hold you back?

Do you get a sense that your healthy lifestyle, with a nutritional and spiritual hygiene regime is still not enough for you to experience an expanded state of awareness?

Is there any trauma from this lifetime that still requires work?

Are you curious how a past life may influence, restrict and block your progress in this lifetime?

Have you ever considered that ancestral patterns, addictions and trauma can prevent you from experiencing total wellbeing?

Have you been longing to access a space within you where the best internal guidance, answers and healing can occur?

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Meet Tomaz Mueller

Ayurvedic Practitioner with a special expertise in Mind-Body-Medicine

He is the author of the book ‘The Spiritual Health Matrix – Eastern Wisdom for Western Minds’.

As one of the leading Ayurvedic practitioners and energy healers today, Tomaz combines in his clinical practice the best of the East and West. He incorporates authentic Ayurvedic principles and assessment methods, as well as employing the latest state-of-the-art technology in Quantum Medicine. 

Tomaz has also been visiting the Peruvian Amazon for the past five years to deepen his work with plant medicine which he sees as a powerful tool to support spiritual growth and healing.

For more information on Tomaz' approach and products, visit his website at or you can follow his account on Instagram: @muellertomaz.

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